Funding Exclusions

Please note that Gandel Philanthropy applies the following general exclusions:


• We are unable to fund individuals;

• We will not provide retrospective funding or funding for recurrent administrative costs;

• Preference is given towards supporting Victorian organisations and programs;

• If organisations are based outside Victoria, but they have a national focus or address a broader community issue, we will consider such requests;

• We do not provide continuous funding to organisations;

• We will not grant funds for programs that duplicate existing services;

• We will not grant funds for auspiced applications;

• We will not grant funds to government bodies;

• We will not accept applications that have been previously unsuccessful;

• We will not accept submissions from organisations that have applied to Gandel Philanthropy in the last 6 months (whether successful or not), or those that have not acquitted previous project(s) funded by us;

• We will not grant funds for activities that may be deemed harmful to the community or the environment;

• We do not fund personal expenses.

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