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Gandel Philanthropy Community Grants Grant Guidelines


Welcome to Gandel Philanthropy’s online Community Grant application portal.


Set up an Account and Start an Application

To begin your first online application you will need to create an Account.

For more details and guidance on the application form and how to fill it in, please refer to the Online application form instructions on the left.

Click on the “New Applicant” link to set up your Account.

You will receive a system email with your Account details to keep for future use.

Once the Account is set up, you will be able to access the online Community Grant Application Form.

If you are not completing and submitting your application right away, please ensure you “Save and Finish Later” before you close the online form so you can return and complete the Application later. You will receive a system email with a URL link to access the form again.


Click here to start a new Community Grant Application

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