Gandel Philanthropy now has an online application and grant management process. Applications can be created and edited through our online application portal. You can find a link to the portal on the Apply For a Grant page.


Application Process


The first step for any organisation is to ensure they are eligible to apply for a grant with Gandel Philanthropy, by checking the “Grant Information – Who can Apply” section of the website, or clicking on the following link Gandel-Philanthropy-Community-Grants-Grant-Guidelines.pdf

Community Grants


Applications for Community Grants are open to anyone who is eligible to apply. Gandel Philanthropy may only give grants to eligible charitable organisations that fulfil the following requirements:

  • They are charitable at law;
  • They have the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status – provision for gift deductibility must be under Item 1, or they must be specifically named as a DGR in Subdivision 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997;
  • They are endorsed as Tax Concession Charity (TCC).

All potential applicants are encouraged to contact Gandel Philanthropy to discuss their project proposal before submitting an application.

Application process

Organisations wishing to apply for a Community Grant need to submit an application form through Gandel Philanthropy’s online application portal, found on Apply For a Grant page. Please follow the instructions to set up your Account.

Granting cycle

Applications for Community Grants are accepted throughout the year and there are no specific closing dates.

Decision making

Gandel Philanthropy will aim to make determinations on Community Grants applications approximately four times a year. In some situations it may, however, take some months from the submission of an application until a decision is made. Applicant organisations should allow for this in their planning.

Outcome of your application

All applicants will be advised on the outcome of their grant request. The decision of Gandel Philanthropy is final and no discussion in relation to the outcome will be entered into, although general feedback may be provided.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be advised of the timing of the receipt of their cheque and provided with the standard Grant Conditions. All grant recipients are required to adhere to grant conditions.

If successful in receiving a grant, please note that the Acquittal Report is required to be completed at the completion of the approved project.


Major Grants and Flagship Grants

Community organisations should note that applications for Major Grants and Flagship Grants are by invitation only.

Gandel Philanthropy will be undertaking its own research and analysis to understand the issues facing the community and those in need, and seek to partner with leadership organisations within their own field of expertise. This does not mean that these organisations need to be the biggest, only the best at what they do.

Gandel Philanthropy encourages organisations who believe they can successfully deliver ground-breaking and innovative programs and who believe they align closely with our granting philosophy to contact us to jointly explore partnership opportunities.


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